The Trial of Goody Goodrich

Written by a great friend of mine 😉 This is most certainly worth the read.

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Old Goody Goodrich,
accused as a witch,
was summoned to trial one day.
She just wouldn’t budge
and confess for the judge,
so the hangman, he took her away.

The officer stood
and made his complaint;
The townsfolk, they all turned so red!
Old Goody Goodrich,
convicted a witch,
was sentenced to hang until dead.

The hangman, no dope,
made ready his rope —
made certain the trestles were true;
See, Goodrich was stout;
we wanted no doubt
of her fate once she’d fallen through!

So the fateful day came
with dense fog and cold rain
(some say that toads fell from the sky);
Old goody Goodrich,
done in for a witch,
danced as we hoisted her high.

Crack! Said the timber, and
snap! Said the rope, and
Goody came gracelessly down
with such terrible force,
t’would frighten the Norse!
And on landing split open the ground.

She fell in…

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Standing In My Way

I’m very new to blogging, it’s only been about two weeks for me and I’m still struggling to regularly post. It’s always difficult to write something that you know could be potentially viewed by thousands of strangers. The scariest part of it for me though is wondering what my loved ones will think of the subjects I write about and how I express my point of view.

I’d like to say that the post about addiction was the hardest one for me because I was worried about how my husband would view me after reading. He is the person who inspired me to start blogging and therefore his opinion on the matter means quite a bit to me.

However, the very idea of a friend or family stumbling upon my rambling a and judging me by them or even worse using my words against me scares the poop out of me. I fear what people close to me would feel if I were to truly write about how I feel.

The hardest post to write for me was honestly the first one. Putting my views out into the ether sphere for the first time was the scariest and hardest thing for me to do. I still get nervous when I post, but it’s no where near the fear I felt writing for an audience the first time.

Now that I do it more regularly and am able to understand who is potentially going to read my blog I feel a little more at ease.

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Home is Where I Belong With You

I don’t leave home very often. There are several reasons for this, some of them are within my control others are beyond me.

I would love to travel more, but part of me is to scared to leave my family, friends, and kitties. When I do leave all of this behind I am able to sooth my soul by remembering that I have the most important people in my life with me. I would never leave town without my husband and daughter. There’s honestly no experiences I would want to have that I couldn’t share.

When I do manage to get away from home, I usually enjoy it very much. I have a good time learning new things and experiencing life outside of the norm. I am always happy to return home to my friends and family, and also my bed 🙂

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Fantastic news doesn’t come every day. In fact it’s pretty fair to learn something so wonderful that it makes one giddy. It seems these days that life can be more of a deluge of crap honestly. Between reading the news, and average every day happenings it seems as though good news is truly hard to come by.

Therefore I get excited by some of the most mundane things simply because it’s not bad. However,in the rare times that something truly remarkable does come to pass and I hear tell of it’s happening I can become downright giddy.

For example, the day I found out I was pregnant after a few years of trying to conceive was and still is one of the happiest memories I hold, shadowed only by the day my daughter was born healthy and happy. How do I respond to such good news? By telling everyone, with as much excitement as possible.

I am one of those women who seems to cry over everything, my body reacts to immense feelings by leaking from the eyes. I’m ok with this because I know that these emotions are real because of this physical manifestation.

How do you deal with great news? Please tell me 🙂

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Community Service- Junk

I feel like a hoarder these days.  I have a lot of furniture, especially in the basement.  I have a lot of stuff that I got at rummage sales and online facebook groups.  I have clothes everywhere. Most importantly, I have baby stuff everywhere. Toys and clothes and sippy cups and all sorts of baby stuff.  

Not only is there baby stuff in the house, but it’s also in the yard.  I mean, she’s only 1 year old! How has she overtaken my life, house, and yard so much? Don’t get me wrong, I know she enjoys her toys and has a bunch of fun inside and outside.  She loves her slide, she loves her sandbox.  It’s just everywhere! More importantly, its getting completely mixed with my stuff all over the floor. 

How does one remedy this?  Well,  we could pack it all up and sell it, we could pack it all up and organize it and what not.  Or we can accept it as it is and work with the Wee One as she grows and teach her to pick up. This leaves me as the problem. We have so much stuff everywhere, yet I keep picking up more whenever I can get a great deal on it.  If I can get a new shirt for myself for 2 dollars and I think it’ll fit nice, I’ll buy it.  Yesterday I got Wee One a pair of shoes that probably won’t fit her for another 6 months to a year for $5.00.  Is this a problem? Maybe. I’m just so worried that in 6 months we won’t have enough money to buy the new shoes that we’re going to need.  So I’m preparing now for it.  

I’m sure it’ll get better as we go, and I know what I’m doing so I’m hoping that in knowledge I can remedy the situation.  

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If I were to honor anyone today, it would be my mom seeing as its her birthday 🙂 

My mom is great, she’s always stood by me and my decisions and has helped me through so many difficult times in my life. I don’t know where I would be without my mom. I especially want to thank her for helping me through the birth of my first child. She was so awesome helping me through such an amazing and hard time in my life.  This is going to be a short post because there’s no way I can put into words the shear amount of respect I have for my mom.  

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