Dear Lady in the Biolife Childrens’ Room

Dear Lady,

I’m sorry… yes, I knew my daughter has a pretty bad cough, the runny nose is a new thing and I assume it has to do more with the fact that she was crying after I left than the fact that she’s sick. I know that I’m not supposed to drop off a sick kid into the kids room, but we were out all week last week because of this cough and I’ve come to the assumption that she’s probably not contagious anymore… (though I’m not a doctor, so I don’t actually know this as fact.) I know she cries a lot when I leave her in the kids room, I also know that some days she does just fine.  More importantly, I kind of needed the money and didn’t have anyone really to watch her where it wouldn’t put an undue burden of time and energy on them.  Therefore, the burden of watching my crying child with a cough has fallen on you. I know it’s not fair, but at least you get paid for it.  Please, don’t scold me about this though, I know it wasn’t right, and I’ll probably miss my second donation this week because of this damnable cough. 


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