Apology to Shelly, my former coworker



Yesterday I had supper at a restaurant I worked at over 6 years ago (really? that long ago?) I saw a few of my former coworkers because when people start working there, it’s almost impossible to leave it’s like a cult of nice managers, fair pay and fairly easy work.  Really, it sucks you back in even after you leave because you have friends who are like family and honestly, probably some family who has worked there ;).  

Shelly, I’m sorry. I tried acting like I didn’t recognize you even though I’ve known you forever. We went to the same school, we worked in the same place and we had many of the same friends.  In hind sight, I see I was acting like a bitch.  

Thank you for asking about my daughter, I’m sorry I didn’t ask more about yours. I only knew that you’d had a baby at some point in the past summer, I couldn’t even bother remembering if it was a boy or girl.  Again, I’m sorry.  


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