As a teenager, I read the Harry Potter series. I was, and still am, an avid Potter fan.  I remember reading about the Boggart, and how it would turn into the thing you feared most in order to scare the pants off of you, or something of that nature.  The only way to make it stop was to turn what you feared into something that made you laugh.  When I first read about this I often wondered what it would turn into for me. I liked to imagine myself to be pretty fearless as most teenagers do.  Nothing would happen because I’m not scared of anything, I’m an adult and adults don’t get scared.  My boggart wouldn’t turn into a giant spider or a loathed professor, that’s just silly.  

Well, I’m an adult now, and I have to say… I’m pretty much terrified of everything.  This is multiplied by the fact that I am also a parent.  Not only do I fear for my own safety, but that of my child too.  These days I tend to go to bed full of anxiety about everything, though it’s not often anymore and was far worse when my daughter was a newborn.  

Who really plans an escape for what to do in case the damn upriver breaks? Surprisingly, this scenario isn’t all that likely to happen but I’ve got a plan for what to do incase that happens and I’m unable to get my family safely out of town. 

What do you do if someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night?  Again, not terribly likely and if it happens I know exactly how I’d get my child and myself and hopefully my husband out of the house and away from danger, remembering to grab my phone on the way out in order to call 911.

I’ve gone over the scenarios of the zombie apocalypse so many times but I still don’t know what I would do. This is honestly how most of my anxiety animates itself in my thoughts and nightmares. 

I’m afraid of death, but I’m mostly afraid of everyone dying especially my family.  Even when I was little, I remember being terrified of Y2K and my mom tell me that when she was younger she was afraid of nuclear war due to the cold war. So now I’m afraid of nuclear war as well because there’s a ton a crazy people out there who are trying to do a ton of crazy things.  

I don’t like it. I want to be a little kid again and not think about any of this.  Alas, that’s not how life works and I’m sure everyone has their own list of things they think about that scare them.  I’ve gotten better at pushing my fears aside and just living because its the only thing you can do.  

If I were to truly think about what the boggart would present itself as, it would be a zombie… How would I make a zombie funny? I’d turn him into Nick Carter from The Backstreet Boys and having him dance to Backstreets Back… yup, still a little kid at heart. 


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6 thoughts on “Riddikulus

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    • Haha, yeah it’s one thing I hope calms down a bit as I keep getting older. Nothing like being prepared, but anxiety and paranoia about things is just silly 🙂 thanks for liking and commenting 😉

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