Whatever the weather, we’ll wether the weather, wether we like it or not. 

That cool nip in the air of autumn centers me and reminds me that the year is almost over. Now is the time to remember I need to savor whats left as much as possible.  Many feel that fall can be a very depressing time of the year. Everything is going into hibernation, the flowers die, the birds migrate. The changing of the leaves is like one final hurrah for the year. Something beautiful to hold you over until the next splash of color shows it’s glory on the landscape.  The green of spring is a promise of the joy and pleasure to come, but the reds and oranges of fall is just a harsh reminder of the ice and snow to come. 

It takes work to find the beauty in winter and that’s what I believe to be the greatest part of it.  It’s not easy, some days it feels damn near impossible when you’re being pelted with ice crystals and walking on the slick sleeted sidewalk.  Fall though, is when we begin our own migration indoors.  We learn to love in close quarters again which is perfect for a homebody like myself.  I love the stratum of blankets and cloth that we cloak our bodies in come the chill of fall.  The textures of wool and cotton, scarves and hats, cardigans and coats.  The potential that lies in front of us were we to find ourselves outside enjoying the glory that mother nature has to give to us is breathtaking. 

I say a prayer at the end of every October that goes something along these lines: Lord, if I’m to die this year, let it be after another glorious autumn, it’s the only time of year I truly feel my soul is at rest with itself and the world around it. 

Octoburrrrr was brought to you today by the Daily Prompt


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