Community Service- Junk

I feel like a hoarder these days.  I have a lot of furniture, especially in the basement.  I have a lot of stuff that I got at rummage sales and online facebook groups.  I have clothes everywhere. Most importantly, I have baby stuff everywhere. Toys and clothes and sippy cups and all sorts of baby stuff.  

Not only is there baby stuff in the house, but it’s also in the yard.  I mean, she’s only 1 year old! How has she overtaken my life, house, and yard so much? Don’t get me wrong, I know she enjoys her toys and has a bunch of fun inside and outside.  She loves her slide, she loves her sandbox.  It’s just everywhere! More importantly, its getting completely mixed with my stuff all over the floor. 

How does one remedy this?  Well,  we could pack it all up and sell it, we could pack it all up and organize it and what not.  Or we can accept it as it is and work with the Wee One as she grows and teach her to pick up. This leaves me as the problem. We have so much stuff everywhere, yet I keep picking up more whenever I can get a great deal on it.  If I can get a new shirt for myself for 2 dollars and I think it’ll fit nice, I’ll buy it.  Yesterday I got Wee One a pair of shoes that probably won’t fit her for another 6 months to a year for $5.00.  Is this a problem? Maybe. I’m just so worried that in 6 months we won’t have enough money to buy the new shoes that we’re going to need.  So I’m preparing now for it.  

I’m sure it’ll get better as we go, and I know what I’m doing so I’m hoping that in knowledge I can remedy the situation.  

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