Regret to a child is a very difficult thing to express. Feelings of regret are based more on the knowledge that if you had or hadn’t done something, the way the situation would have turned out would be completely different.  

So my biggest regret:

When I was 18, I was an adult. Or rather, I was sure I was an adult… turns out looking back that I wasn’t.  I tried moving away from my family and friends to attend a school across country.  This was one of my favorite places in the world that I was moving to, and at school I was able to study something that I found really fun and interesting.  Alas though, after 3 months and my grandmas passing, I became terribly homesick.  I couldn’t stand it, I was depressed and stopped going to work and didn’t care as much about school even though my classmates tried to make it better.  So alas, I moved home and decided to go to school for something entirely different and work.  I truly believe that had I kept with school, I would have ended with a lifestyle similar to the one I enjoy and love now but with a distinct difference. 

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One thought on “Regret

  1. I did the same thing right out of high school, I ended up moving out of state to go to college for something that I thought I would enjoy. The only problem is, I had no discipline and I pretty much biffed it as well. I think those parents that encourage their kids to take a year off of school to work or enjoy life before going to college have the right idea; it really tells you where those parents are coming from, you know what I’m saying?

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