Fantastic news doesn’t come every day. In fact it’s pretty fair to learn something so wonderful that it makes one giddy. It seems these days that life can be more of a deluge of crap honestly. Between reading the news, and average every day happenings it seems as though good news is truly hard to come by.

Therefore I get excited by some of the most mundane things simply because it’s not bad. However,in the rare times that something truly remarkable does come to pass and I hear tell of it’s happening I can become downright giddy.

For example, the day I found out I was pregnant after a few years of trying to conceive was and still is one of the happiest memories I hold, shadowed only by the day my daughter was born healthy and happy. How do I respond to such good news? By telling everyone, with as much excitement as possible.

I am one of those women who seems to cry over everything, my body reacts to immense feelings by leaking from the eyes. I’m ok with this because I know that these emotions are real because of this physical manifestation.

How do you deal with great news? Please tell me 🙂

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